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#1 Feb 24 2013 at 5:47 PM Rating: Excellent
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So I haven't been around these forums in quite some time. I followed the game XIV from the time it was announced, played in beta, and played at launch for a few months. Unlike a lot of you, i didnt have the will to stick with it through the hard times, i just passed it off as if it never existed.
I did however always check up on it from time to time and now I follow the announcements / changes / and discussions daily once again.

The one true thing that put me off most with 1.0, is the most improved from what I can tell after running the benchmark, seeing the exploration, and other videos; immersion. Being able able to feel like your there.
I had a big problem with it in 1.0. Its been said many a time and I will keep it brief, but the cut and paste lanscape was horrific.
Eorzea seems so full... of trees... different trees, not just the same ones over and over. Also buildings, and NPC's, and landmarks that have no purpose but to be landmarks. That to me, is what makes a MMO worth playing, its a world you can be in. The gameplay comes after that, theres always room for improving mechanics of combat, crafting, and everything else. But once the zones are put it, they generally stay the same. Sure new ones will be added, but the ones you start in is what makes that first impression of what its going to be like.

So enough rambling on. I love the way the world looks from what we've seen so far, and can't wait to explore and get lost (figuratively and literally) in it.
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I think that opinion is echoed by most. I had been impressed with what I had seen from screen captures lately, but when I ran the benchmark, it felt real and full... Even though I was only a spectator, I still felt like I was being drawn into the world they had created. It felt vibrant and alive... Something I haven't felt in a MMO in a long time.

I can see myself just sitting in some random part of the game and chatting with friends. I used to do that often in FFXI... Whether it was the Hall of the Gods, or by the waterfall in Misereaux Coast, it felt peaceful and enjoyable just to exist in that space.

I really look forward to exploring the new world. I just hope they adjust the exploration difficulty down a notch... I don't want to see level 90 mobs blocking me path. A challenge is one thing, impossible is another story.
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From what we've all seen, there are significant improvements. Some people hate on the "WoW-Style Quests" that have been talked about, but the fact of the matter is if you follow quests in a game that uses that system, they'll always be sending you to level-appropriate areas through bread-crumb type quests, and once the game gets established (open beta+), you'll start seeing info on quest chains higher up. Which means if you want a challenge, you can head to an area that has quests @ your level.
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