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#1 Sep 14 2013 at 12:18 PM Rating: Decent
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So i havent bought the game yet because im still debating on whether i should. I've been checking out the forums to see what ppl have been saying about the game so far, and i've noticed a lot of different opinions about it so far. Some good some bad. I guess what i'm looking for is some convincing reason to get into another mmo. I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to mmo's, as the only one i've ever played was ffxi. I played it for years and absolutely loved it. When i look back on playing 11 its kinda crazy to think about how much time and money was invested to ultimately quit. Do i want to do it all again? What is there about 14 that i just have to buy it, and spend a monthly fee to play it? I've seen a lot of complaints about 14 not being "social" enough and you being able to do too much solo. But hell i think thats kind of appealing to me. Sometimes i think the most fun i had on 11 was soloing my bst or soloing blm. I used to love that [email protected] Didnt have to stand around with your party flag up for an hour just to get into a party that may or may not been a good one with optimal xp per hr. Soloing took skill in that game it wasnt just the same old grind that being in a party was. I know its a tough question to answer cause it really comes down to the question, what do i want to get out of this game? I want to be able to get on and feel like i can get something accomplished if i don't have much time to play. In 11 it felt like if ffxi wasn't your job you got left behind, and could never achieve a lot of the end game gear and items you always wanted. Is 14 gonna be the same way? Thoughts? Convince me to buy this game lol.
#2 Sep 14 2013 at 12:28 PM Rating: Excellent
Okay, here's my go at it.

I love the game. I don't have to explain that. Let me go ahead and start with common complains.

1) World to small: It's not. It's on par with just about every other launch MMO, with the bonus of not having dead-space that is there for filler. Very welcome sight.
2) Leveling takes too long: No it doesn't. The more you level jobs the higher your exp bonus is, so things level faster (obviously)
3) Leveling doesn't take long enough / too easy: Don't blitz the content. Enjoy what SE does well, which is tell a story. That's where the meat and potatos are.
4) 1017: stfu
5) Crafting is pointless: To who? I craft. I make bank at it, too, because despite what certain individuals say here, the majority of folks don't take the time to craft well. Gathering takes a lot of time, too, since I don't buy mats. Better ROI that way.
6) Content: Tons of it everywhere, and a lot of fun repeatable content. Dungeons, end-game content. And they're adding more every couple months, and by more, I mean massively more. 2.1 is going to be huge.
7) SE sucks: No they don't. stfu.
8) Not enough social: You're not doing it right.
9) Too much social: You're not doing it right.
10) No long-term social: You're not doing it right. I run a nightly static ;) And I love it.

If I think of anything else I'll add it. I love the game. I'm taking my time, leveling things slowly, enjoying the story, doing all the sidequests, etc. I just completed my Chocobo Companion quest as well as unlocked Paladin. When I'm just moving I use the Duty Finder to run dungeons pretty much continuously and I never wait more than a few seconds (I set my language preferences to include ALL languages, not just English). Crafting and Gathering take a ton of time and I usually do it when I'm watching Netflix or relaxing. It's pretty mindless. There's plenty to do and see, and I'm not even in Endgame yet.

Later on when 2.1 comes out we'll be getting housing supposedly. Later on we'll also be getting Chocobo raising and a host of new dungeons and instances. I can't wait!

Lastly, the customizability I can put into my character is astounding. I love how much I can do with my character.

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