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What is your materia make up for DoH LvL 50Follow

#1 Nov 01 2013 at 12:08 PM Rating: Good
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How do you slot materia? Do you think the cost per benefit is worth it?

Right now as a 50 gsm I can HQ 1 star items without too much trouble without any materia attached. I am underpowered for 2 star items but I can HQ 1 star without too much issue.

This is my thinking, I will slot my gear with lvl 1 materia and farm it in hopes of lvl 4 materia.

But I'd like to have another set of gear that is filled with blinged out lvl 4 materia itself. Should I go for control or craftsmanship? Do you think Lvl 4 crafting materia is overkill? Is it different for different DoH classes?

I also wonder what your materia progression is? I don't understand who buys lvl 2 materia. It seems to fall into a gap where you'd never want/need it.

#2 Nov 01 2013 at 12:22 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm almost tempted to say materia experiences an inverted bell curve for crafting. If you just have one 50, it's important to get the most out of your quality and progress actions. When you're sitting on a few of the more useful crafts, you can cut corners a bit to make up for those lacking benefits. On the other hand, if you max everything, having your gear pimped out in the right materia can pretty much guarantee an HQ everything when paired with all the cross-class ability use. You could still manage without, but luck becomes a greater factor.

Right now, the optimums basically resemble the following:
Main = 50 Quest/Luminary
Secondary = Militia tool + 10 Craftsmanship
Head = HQ AF + 4 Craftsmanship + 5 Control
Body = HQ AF + 10 Craft + 5 Control
Gloves = HQ AF + 4 Craftsmanship + 5 Control
Legs = HQ AF + 1 Craftsmanship + 5 Control + 3 CP
Feet = HQ AF + 1 Craftsmanship + 5 Control + 3 CP
Waist = HQ Raptorskin Merchant Belt + 3 Craftsmanship + 5 Control + 5 CP
Earrings = HQ Red Coral Earrings + 3 Control + 3 CP
Neck = HQ Electrum Choker + 3 Craftsmanship + 3 Control + 5 CP
Wrists = HQ Militia Wristlets + 4 Craftsmanship + 4 Control + 6 CP
Rings x 2 = HQ Aetheryte Rings + 4 Craftsmanship + 4 Control + 3 CP

Needless to say, this is expensive.
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#3 Nov 01 2013 at 2:08 PM Rating: Good
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I want a control materia set up but those sell for around 200k for lv4 on my server . I bought a loaded Vanya robe and belt with just 3 cracked materia 4. My Weaver ,Goldsmith and Alchemist can crank out HQ items thanks to cheap HQ DoH clothing at the retainers. I'm waiting for a true guide Before I use up all my cracked materia .When I get near people in game crafting 1 star HQ items every 30 seconds it drive me nuts how slow my method is for making HQ items is. I wanted to post in the dead weaver forum asking can I make Vanya silk with a food boost but to be safe I sold the materials and just bought the finished items. Control =HQ and HQ sell way least on my server.

#4 Nov 02 2013 at 2:44 AM Rating: Good
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This is a list someone put together of the HQ crafter gear limits. For the HQ crafter ilvl 55 gear, they all have the same limits despite the different names.

There's very few slots where there's much of a point to use the IV Materia. From my understanding, you can only put it in the green gear, so off-hand and chest are the best candidates.

Either way, there's little reason not to cap out the general gear (jewelry, belt) as much as you can, since you don't need a copy for each tradeskill class.
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