Dragon Nest Gets New Content Update

Dragon Nest has released its latest update, telling the story of Arendel's Destiny.

At long last, evil scientist Jasmine has been defeated. Her clone army has been vanquished and Altera is now washed clean of her poisonous influence. Good and gentle folk from Ironwood Village and Mana Ridge to Saint's Haven are ready to heave a sigh of relief and return to their daily routines... but dark clouds are rumbling on the horizon.

Time has finally caught up with the beautiful Elf Queen of Arendel and she has begun to grow weak and worn, as does Arendel’s Tree of Life. It is a time of great unrest for the elves as they choose their next queen. To make matters worse, word has arrived that the dastardly Apostles have set their sights on this woodland paradise. It is up to the players to travel to the land and prevent the tide of evil from swallowing it whole.

Dragon Nest Gets New Content Update

Nexon America released the first update of 2014 for Dragon Nest. The update includes:

  • 3rd Abyss Expansion zone: Jasmine’s Base
  • Desert Dragon Nest: Hardcore mode
  • New Talisman System

Players who have reached Level 50 and above can access the 3rd Abyss Expansion, which includes the story of Jasmine’s discovery of an Ancients’ ruins and it’s power. Over 20 new quests have been added to challenge players within the 3rd Abyss Expansion.

Dragon Nest Kicks Off "Blackboard Jungle" Event

Love teaching? Love getting bribed? How about you combine your two favorite activities and participate in Dragon Nest's Blackboard Jungle event! In this new event from Nexon, players will compete to become the greatest mentor of all by taking on the most students by February 17, 2012. The top 10 mentors with the most alumni by this time will receive a whopping 50,000 scales, while the next top 89 mentors will receive a still impressive 25,000 scales.

In order for a pupil to qualify as an alumni, the mentorship must be established before the player is level 15, and the mentorship cannot be broken until the pupil reaches level 40. All players who 'acquire' at least two alunmi will win a pile of Item Protection Jellies for their efforts. The maximum reward from this, however, is a 50 jellies for three alumni.

You can read more about the Blackboard Jungle event here, or learn about Dragon Nest's mentor system here!

Update Preview: Scarlet Snow falls in Dragon Nest

As the winter and snow falls in Dragon Nest, the latest update prepares to launch. Launching in December, Scarlet Snow will bring new features to the game including:

  • Raised Level Cap to 40
  • New Dungeons
  • New Achievements
  • 2 Rideable Mounts
  • Holiday Event

Dragon Nest launches Theater of War: Act Two

New PvP modes and PvP updates are coming to Dragon Nest in their latest update, Theater of War: Act Two. For players no longer content with slugging it out in spammy 8v8 contests, Dragon Nest is introducing a new 3v3 ladder mode for you to show off your organized PvP prowess. Also introduced in this patch are two new modes: Free-For-All mode and Protect mode. Free-For-All mode is pretty self-explanatory, with Protect mode being something of a Dragon Nest spin on the "Protect the VIP" concepts from other games.

You can read the about the new PvP modes being introduced on the Dragon Nest Website!

Dragon Nest Unleashes the Hellhound Update

Starting today, Dragon Nest players will get to experience a new end-game nest encounter, a ghoulish new PvP mode and a variety of Halloween-themed in-game events as part of the game’s October content update. Here are the details:

  • Cerberus, a monstrous three-headed canine and guardian of Hell, has been released from the Abyss. Fight him in the new Cerberus Nest dungeon for some epic loot.
  • The new “Ghoul Mode” is now available in the Arena channel. It can be played on the PvP map “Silent Square.”
  • There are new Halloween events! Players can earn Halloween coupons by hunting Pumpkin Ducks in dungeons, and then redeem them for a variety of wearable pumpkin helmets. In the Dragon Vault, players who want to get into the spirit of the Halloween season will have a wide variety of new costumes to choose from.

Dragon Nest officially launched last month. Head over to our Dragon Nest Armory site to search through our databases and try out our skill calculators!

Dragon Nest Officially Launches with Major Update

Dragon Nest has officially launched! To coincide with the launch, Nexon has released an update that's full of new content, including a new level cap, the town of Saint's Haven, new skills for each specialization, 10 new dungeons, more than 500 new quests and over 250 new achievements, a PvP Ladder update, the updated faction system, new stuff in the Dragon Vault and more. You can read all about it in our recent interview with Producer Davy Garaix.

We've updated our Dragon Nest Armory database to include the content from the Saint's Haven patch. Head on over to search through our databases and try out our skill calculators!

To celebrate the launch of Dragon Nest, we're giving out Poochum plushies on Twitter! Just retweet this @ZAMOfficial tweet by 9 p.m. EDT today, Sept. 29, for a chance to win!

New Dragon Nest Videos Showcase Launch Content

In preparation for Dragon Nest's official launch on September 28, Nexon has released two new videos that showcase all of the content that's coming in the launch update. In the first video, Producer Davy Garaix introduces players to the new town of Saint's Haven and talks about the new level cap, skills, quests, dungeons and events. The second video shows off some of the new skills you'll be learning with each class specialization. Check them out below!

For more details on Dragon Nest's upcoming launch content, check out our interview with Garaix. As always, our Dragon Nest Armory is full of searchable databases and tools to help you make the most of your time in-game!

ZAM Q&A: Dragon Nest's Launch Day Content

Nexon America just announced that Dragon Nest will officially launch next week on September 28. The launch update will introduce a ton of new content to the game, including a new level cap, a new town, new skills, 10 new dungeons, more than 500 new quests and over 250 new achievements!

We wanted to learn more about the features that are being added to the game next week, so we went straight to Producer Davy Garaix to discuss Dragon Nest's official launch and beyond. Keep reading after the jump for our in-depth interview!

Once you're done reading about all of the content that's coming next week, be sure to check out our Dragon Nest Armory to help you progress through the final days of open beta and prepare for the official release. We'll be sure to update our databases and tools to coincide with the launch, which will help you reach the new level cap and battle your way through the new dungeons!

Dragon Nest Offers Prizes for Logging Into Game

Want to earn some free stuff in Dragon Nest simply for logging into the game? The Login Roll Call Event kicks off today and runs through September 27. All you need to do is log in every day during the event period and reach milestones to earn rewards. You may log in with multiple characters and each will receive the rewards. Level 1 characters aren't eligible, so be sure to run a few dungeons and bump them up to level 2 at least.

Here's the list of prizes:

  • Daily Login Prize: Five Crude Onyxes
  • Five Day Login Milestone Prize: 10 Small Octagonal Waters
  • Ten Day Login Milestone Prize: Adventurer's Bag (5 slots) and Extra Storage (5 slots)
  • Login every day of the event and you’ll earn 60 Crude Onyxes, 10 Small Octagonal Waters, Adventurer's Bag (5 slots) and Extra Storage (5 slots)

If you plan on logging into Dragon Nest every day, head over to our Dragon Nest Armory to search through our databases and check out our skill calculator!