Final Fantasy XIV Housing Prices

This past Tuesday Square Enix finally brought players one of the most teased features of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. From some of the pre-launch promotional info to the E3 trailers and developer posts, they've told us all about how we would be able to buy plots of land in neighborhoods with our fellow players, customize the interior and exterior to match our wishes and even get bonuses to things like crafting and gathering if we used certain decorations. Now we knew patch 2.1 would be Free Company (FFXIV's guilds) housing, so we all kind of assumed that they might be a little more expensive, but even smaller FCs would be able to pool  their funds and purchase a decent-sized bungalow for everyone to call home. Well... not so much.

WildStar Wednesday: CBT 3 Housing Competition

This Week's WildStar Wednesday is live and has brought us round 2 of the WildStar Beta Housing competition. Similar to the previous housing competition, beta testers have gone out on a limb--Mordesh pun unintended--to bring us some of their most unique and creative housing designs. Here's a look at a few of the top houses from the WildStar closed beta 3.

WoW Housing not coming in the Near Future

Nethaera has spoken!
We have women on the development team as well as in many other departments.

Player housing is something that may happen in the future but there are no plans for it just yet. Good try though! If I had a house in game, it would just be crammed full o f weapons with maybe one throw rug so I didn't look like I didn't care about how it looked completely. ;)
While WoW housing was indeed planned at one time early in the process, it is no more, and apparently, never will be, if current plans do not change.