The Market Ward Search has Arrived!

Today's update finally brings us the market ward search!

Ever since the Alpha stages of the game, players have been protesting about the lack of a search system for the Market Wards.  Today, that system is upon us!  The first implementation is looking nice, as SE has said there are more changes to come over time and with player feedback.

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This is the last straw, I quit.
# Dec 21 2010 at 9:56 PM Rating: Decent
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"* Searches will return only those items on sale in the market area associated with that item's type. Items being sold in areas not matching their item type will not be displayed in the search results."

This right here is why this system is useless. Do you know how long it takes to jump around wards looking for a simple item? Why is all this necessary? It's designed to make it take AS LONG AS POSSIBLE for any of us to buy goods. SE said to themselves, "what can we do to turn the economy of our MMORPG into a massive time sink?"

This is the product of that love child.


Edit: Furthermore, SE obviously introduced the game in the state that they did so that they could work you guys into accepting this as a compromise. They never intended to make you deal with the wards as they were to begin with, it was always to get you to the point of accepting it as it is now.

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illuminarok [Valefor] 75 RDM - 100 Alchemy, 60 Everything Else - [09/2005] Quit
This is the last straw, I quit.
# Dec 21 2010 at 11:46 PM Rating: Default
Even with a new team assembled they are already damaging their new found trust from the player base with these pathetic little tidbits.

The game needs to be fast and efficient when handling the most simple tasks. Add the AH and stop jerking our chain still trying to save this worthless god awful idea.

If this new team wants me to believe they actually give a damn about me as a customer, stop making the adjustments to the fundamentally flawed so that it is slightly less flawed. That is just insulting. Show me you've got some brains and some balls SE and put in an auction house already.

Time is up on this crap.
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