LEGO's Free-to-Play Option is Officially Live

LEGO Universe technically released its free-to-play option last week with the launch of the game's new leveling system, but the team is officially announcing the free option today. It's actually best to think of the feature as an endless free trial because it gives you access to the game's first two zones and one property area. If you want to explore the rest of the game, you'll have to upgrade to a paid membership account.

Here's what you can do for free in LEGO Universe:

  • Create and customize your own LEGO Universe hero
  • Collect up to 10,000 coins
  • Earn U-Score to level up
  • Explore the Starship Venture Explorer
  • Explore Avant Gardens
  • Join the Nexus Force
  • Sample powerful Faction Gear
  • Play the Survival mini-game
  • Battle the Spider Queen
  • Build and bring your creations to life on your own Block Yard Property
  • Visit thousands of other players’ Properties
  • Buy and collect cool gear and useful items

While LEGO Universe isn't truly free-to-play, this endless free trial option gives players a great opportunity to try out the game for as long as they'd like and decide if they want to upgrade their account to see what else the kid-friendly MMO has to offer. Click here to download LEGO Universe for free!


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