APB Blog: Open Beta Enters 'Home Stretch'

GamersFirst CTO and COO Bjorn "TechMech" Book-Larsson has written his first APB: Reloaded blog entry in more than a month, and it's a lengthy article on the open beta's "home stretch." As GamesFirst prepares for APB's official launch, the team is focusing on three issues that have been brought up from player feedback:

  • Lack of Player Control: Book-Larsson talks about the "inability to pick the types of missions and gameplay you like to play when you want to play them." In response, GamersFirst will be introducing "insta-match content for players to experience."
  • Cheaters: They're working on ways to combat aimbots and wallhacks. There is also the "pereception" of cheating going on, such as your opponent "snapping" to you and "magic bullets" that seem to hit you every time. These are issues with the game and are not cheats.
  • The Evils of Threat Levels: "Threat Level (or ELO rankings or Glicko Rankings) should actually never be a driving factor for your enjoyment of the game, but partly because of how they are presented, it's become the ultimate status symbol," Book-Larson said. In response, the team is "working on a drastically different way of representing Threat Level and progression in the game."

Book-Larsson covers all of this in much more detail in his blog entry, so be sure to read it for more in-depth information.


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