EQ Updates, November 6th, 2015

We're getting reports of broken recipes on some older cultural armor recipes, specifically the Fine Seafarer's that was originally a human-made set a few other races could equip. If you have knowledge of the making of this armor (and other races' comparable sets) and/or a willingness to try recipes out please post under the respective items and verify they can be still be made (or if you can point to a patch where they were all removed from the game or given new recipes).


Updated Items: Fine Seafarer's BootsArrowLongbowSmall Clockwork CatVial of Gooey Black GelFamiliar of the Kobold KingPing's Palliative Potion PackFamiliar of the Runebound GoblinNimbus of Discordant SoulsNimbus of Mata MuramVisage of the Primal KerranFamiliar of the Hooded ScrykinSong: Arcane Hymn Rk. IIIJack O' Lantern Head Ornament

Updated Quests: The PackageEnchanter Spells (Good Version)Return Skalmarg's War Banner to the WraithguardReturn Firgant's Copper Ring to the WraithguardsReturn Thontik's Blade to the WraithguardsAshengate East Event: Griffon Master Ayna'RymReturn Aerigin's Cloak to the Wraithguards

Bestiary Updates: Coloth MeadowgreenSeverilousa large cave recluse


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I have nothing to add about cultural armor, just wanted to say awesome job with all these updates. Smiley: grin
Cyliena Velnarin | @Cyliena on Twitter

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Fine Seafarers
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In that the combine requires an Antonican Forge... either they aren't using the right forge, or perhaps aren't the right race?

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Fine Seafarers
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GOMN wrote:
In that the combine requires an Antonican Forge... wither they aren't using the right forge, or perhaps aren't the right race?

Good points all around.

From our end, there are almost no posts on any of the "Fine Seafarers" set pieces, and none since about 2004, aside from the recent fail at making the boots.
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