Site Update #10

Site Update

Update: The item collector is patched for the September 2021 game update.

Here is our monthly update.

We have been developing new things for the site! These new features will be released in a batch in the future once I get all of them finished and tested, so stay tuned.

Also, it's that time of the year, Darkpaw developers are recruiting guilds for raid testing so that means it will be time to start working on entering information for the expansion into the site.

Last but not least, click Read More... to see all of the content updates to the site for September.





Updated Items: Spell: Atol's Spectral Shackles

New Recipes: Myrmidon's Sloth XIX (ToV)

Updated Recipes: Water FlaskSpell: Atol's Spectral Shackles

Bestiary Updates: a gyrating goo



Updated Items: Sebilisian Ornamentation CrateGlacier-Crystal LanceOverseer Ornamentation DispenserRubicite OreSpell: Atol's Spectral Shackles

Updated Quests: The Defeat of PrexusEthernere #1: Overcoming the Cataclysm

Updated Recipes: Large Calcified Steel BootsLarge Calcified Steel BracerLarge Calcified Steel BreastplateLarge Calcified Steel CloakLarge Calcified Steel CollarLarge Calcified Steel GauntletsLarge Calcified Steel GirthLarge Calcified Steel GreavesLarge Calcified Steel HelmetLarge Calcified Steel PauldronsLarge Calcified Steel VambracesLarge Calcified Steel VisorEio Note

Bestiary Updates: A Centi DatorAgrimaAislinn [Quests]Guard Jacobson [Quest]A Xulous Invadera Fierce War Boara Greater War Boar



New Items: Tough Basilisk TongueMooncrier's StaffRhino Beetle Leg

Updated Items: Fortune Hunter ShoulderplatesSilk Fortune Hunter ShoulderpadsUncut AlexandriteTough Rhino Beetle LegSunshard OreSteel IngotSpider Venom SacSpider SilkSpider LegsSnake ScalesSmudged Rough PapyrusSkeleton PartsShabby Vellum ParchmentRhino Beetle HornRhino Beetle EyeRefined Binding PowderPetrified Basilisk EggHemic MarrowGrubby Fine PapyrusFine Skeleton BonesFine SilkFine Orc ScalpFine Orc EyeFine FeathersFine Bone ChipsFaceted LightstoneDesert Spider SpinneretBasilisk HideBarrel of MeadAncient Snake SkinMoist MarrowShiny Rhino Beetle HornInitiate Symbol of TunareGolden RodEnchanted SapphireVisage of the Tyrannosaurus HatchlingEnchanted EmeraldShaded GorgetShaded BeltShaded AmiceMind Worm HideBloodstained HiltDiscarded NoteWords of TenancyEnchanted RubyCrystallized Sulfur

Updated Quests: Tormax's Head - DragonsAll Hail the KingMead Indeed

Updated Recipes: Shade Silk ThreadTenancy Scried SwatchSack for NadiaBlood SausageSpiced Blood SausageExtravagant Infused Scythe of BloodExtravagant Uninfused Scythe of BloodTailored Transcendent BagHeavy Tailored Transcendent Bag

Bestiary Updates: a greater sphinxImpaler TzilugWraith of JaxionFelia GoldenwingAnimated Sand StatueRejeeli of the Sandsa bewitched tarantulaa bloodbone thralla charmed rattlesnakea dazed Ro pumaa dry bones thralla mind razea mind whisperera Ro basiliska staggering Ro pumaa wavering Deathfista young desert snakean enthralled Ro pumaan entranced DeathfistBarrel of Meadfallen Freeport guardFreeport guard



New Items: Hearty Drogmar HeartCrescent Shield of the MoonkindFine Gargoyle StoneShiny Gargoyle FragmentsShiny Gargoyle EyeHearty Gargoyle Claw

Updated Items: Brittle StoneThe Silent GodsSheathed Innoruuk's VoiceSheathed Innoruuk's VoiceInnoruuk's VoiceLhranc's Earthly AnchorSummoned: Silver FirebladeFine Wisp EssenceDraconic HarmonyFractured SunstoneGrimling Finger BonesStale DelphiniumDuctile LoamStale OleanderConcentrated Grade AA Nigriventer VenomPowder of RoPrestidigitaseFlawless Spinneret FluidFresh LarkspurFresh CaladiumHarmonagateDusty Gargoyle FragmentsChipped Gargoyle StoneTungsten OreGrubby Fine VellumGrimy PapyrusRhenium OreStained Fine Runic Spell ScrollFresh MuscimolIntricate Defiant KatanaIntricate Binding PowderGrubby Fine PapyrusExcellent SilkSmudged Runic ParchmentRaw Shimmering NihiliteExcellent Animal PeltSunshard OreSmudged Rough PapyrusFresh DelphiniumFine SilkFresh OleanderSooty Fine Runic PapyrusSuperb SilkRefined Grade A Gormar VenomRaw Amber NihiliteUsed ParchmentUncut Black SapphireUncut DemantoidGrimy Fine Runic ParchmentRefined Grade A Nigriventer VenomSteel IngotCity Hall Officiant's MaceShiny Rhino Beetle HornShiny Rhino Beetle ClawRhino Beetle HornGrubby Fine ParchmentFine Rhino Beetle EyeUncut RubelliteTaaffeitePutrid Skeleton BonesUncut AmethystRefined Binding PowderIntricate Defiant CharmStale LaburnumFine Orc ScalpValuable Steel ShardsUncut AlexandriteRough Efreeti BeardHearty Efreeti HeartPetrified Basilisk HideTough Rhino Beetle LegCracked LightstoneSnake EggAncient Snake SkinFlawed Defiant Leather Trousers

Updated Quests: Mead IndeedConversion by Coercion

Updated Recipes: Sheath of Darktidings

Bestiary Updates: Grand Librarian Maelina grimling soulsootherSienn KastaneGilina Yilziora moldy chestAnimated Sand StatueRejeeli of the Sandsa bewitched tarantulaa bloodbone thralla charmed rattlesnakea dazed Ro pumaa dry bones thralla mind razea mind whisperera Ro basiliska staggering Ro pumaa wavering Deathfista young desert snakean enthralled Ro pumaan entranced Deathfista fanatical convertan eager converta corrupt missionarya devout citizena Moonshadea shady missionarya mindless followeran attentive citizenPropagandist KellinRegistrar of the New Faitha Marr devoteea shamed missionaryCrier of the Fatesa Marr faithfulPreacher MadralenGirreal the Dark Heralda new recruita studentHall GuardianOrator of the MooncircleDiviner of Moon TearsHaddran the Moongazera moonviper



Updated Items: Blizzard Spiritwalker CoatVelium Endowed Ring of AdroitnessFaded Restless Velium Ring of AdroitnessDusty RibcageDusty Old Leg BoneDusty Old BackboneDrape of DustPlanar Distortion DeviceCliversWolf Canine BeadSnake Fang Bead

Updated Quests: Clay BraceletEarthen BootsCirclet of Mist

Updated Recipes: Spider Silk ThreadFolded Silkfang PackSpool of Spider Silk ThreadString of TeethSnake Fang BeadWolf Canine BeadPlanar Distortion Device

Bestiary Updates: Diggs Duggunan aloof maidena chilled chest - Aaryonar



New Items: Suit of Old Hero's Forge ClothSpell: Eye of Zomm

Updated Items: Small Block of ClaySealed Vial SketchGnawfang's PeltRusty StaffWool BandagesRoguish RucksackSapphireFrosted Ring of ThurgadinGlacial Crystal Tip StaffServant's Restless BaubleFalsified Government RecordsWanted PosterA Stone HornVial of Deadly PoisonReflective ShardMetal RodMetal FasteningGnomish Heat SourceCured Leather TubingClivers

New Recipes: Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Gnawfang's Pelt)Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Gnawfang's Pelt)Suit of Old Hero's Forge Cloth

Bestiary Updates: a gyrating gooVinloi [Quest]Aven Spiritmaker [Guilds]Toxicologist Huey [Poison Merchant]



Updated Items: Draconic ResilienceVelium Threaded Gem of VigorVelium Threaded ResilienceSceptre of Emperor VekinUnfinished SceptreShiny EmeraldJewel of GanakSatchel of the DreamslayerDrakkin PartsBloodstoneGolem Bone DustKhalosk's Ring of FuryFlawed Defiant Brawl StickFlute of Draconic Dazzling

Updated Quests: Necromancer 7th RankUnearthed Power

Bestiary Updates: Harbinger GloskWraith of JaxionDiviner KhaloskHranath Velentok [Quest 60+]Vu`Ryn the Stone GuardianBelligerent Biarna Drakkin soldiera Drakkin lorekeepera Drakkin lorekeeper petunearthed orb



Updated Items: Completed ReportCrier's ScrollRing of the Next EraVitallium Encrusted Tarsal ClayEnticer's ShawlGrimy Clump of HairLiving Underfoot DiamondFirstslayer's ChestFirstslayer's SatchelFirstslayer's RucksackFirstslayer's BackpackHearty Goblin BloodMithril AmuletSweet Green Pepper

Updated Recipes: Completed Report

Bestiary Updates: a gyrating gooRagsA Cliknar InvaderChef Denrun [Baking Merchant]Agent of Change - Skyfire Mountains [Expedition into Veeshan's Peak]



Updated Items: Veil of VeksarStatue: Iksar HeadStatue: Iksar BustPlacard: Tink N BabbleMusic Box: The Plane of FearFroglok Head in a JarEmperor Ganak ThroneBrain in a JarWarmaker's Iksar Scalemail Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Scalemail Legs OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Arms OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Hands OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Helm OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Scalemail Helm OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Scalemail Chest OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Scalemail Arms OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Scalemail Hands OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Scalemail Feet OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Leather Helm OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Leather Chest OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Leather Arms OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Leather Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Leather Hands OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Leather Legs OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Leather Feet OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Ringmail Helm OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Ringmail Chest OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Ringmail Arms OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Ringmail Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Ringmail Hands OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Ringmail Legs OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Ringmail Feet OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Helm OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Chest OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Legs OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Feet OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Cloth Helm OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Cloth Chest OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Cloth Arms OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Cloth Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Cloth Hands OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Cloth Legs OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Cloth Feet OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Chest OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Arms OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Hands OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Legs OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Leather Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Leather Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Leather Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Leather Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Leather Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Leather Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Leather Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Ringmail Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Ringmail Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Ringmail Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Ringmail Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Ringmail Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Ringmail Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Ringmail Feet OrnamentSwifttail Whelp FamiliarPit Scorpion FamiliarLumbering Chokidai BridleGolden Crypt Feaster FamiliarCrystalline Chokidai FamiliarWrapped Veil of VeksarWrapped Statue: Iksar HeadWrapped Statue: Iksar BustWrapped Placard: Tink N BabbleWrapped Music Box: The Plane of FearWrapped Emperor Ganak ThroneWrapped Brain in a JarSuit of Warmaker's Iksar LeatherSuit of Warmaker's Iksar PlateSuit of Warmaker's Iksar ChainSuit of Warmaker's Iksar ScalemailSuit of Warmaker's Iksar RingmailSuit of Warmaker's Iksar ClothSuit of Militant's Iksar RingmailSuit of Militant's Iksar LeatherSuit of Militant's Iksar ClothSuit of Militant's Iksar ChainSuit of Militant's Iksar PlateSuit of Militant's Iksar ScalemailAdoptable Swifttail WhelpAdoptable Pit ScorpionAdoptable Lumbering ChokidaiAdoptable Golden Crypt FeasterAdoptable Crystalline ChokidaiWrapped Froglok Head in a JarFlawed Defiant Silk WristwrapSpell: Dementia

Updated Quests: Rabid GrizzliesIksar Heritage Crate

Bestiary Updates: a gyrating gooWraith of a ShissarMalloy the SongbirdJaylia the FaithfulEalyson Roloius [Necromancer Spells]Eyon Swougius [Magician Spells]Eywen Nalous [Enchanter Spells]Guard AltanWarlock Therigal



Updated Items: Firstslayer's ChestFirstslayer's SatchelFirstslayer's BackpackFirstslayer's RucksackFulginate OreOrnate Defiant Cloth RobeIntricate Defiant Silk PantaloonsStar Ruby Encrusted SteinFlawed Defiant MaceHero's Ear Stud of the SummonerGreater Shadowspine Rune

New Quests: Hunter of Brell's Rest (10 Points)Hunter of The Cooling Chamber (10 Points)Hunter of Pellucid Grotto (10 Points)Hunter of Fungal Forest (10 Points)Hunter of Arthicrex (10 Points)Hunter of Lichen Creep (10 Points)Hunter of The Underquarry (10 Points)Hunter of The Foundation (10 Points)Hunter of Kernagir, the Shining City (10 Points)Hunter of Brell's Temple (10 Points)Hunter of The Convorteum (10 Points)Hunter of Volska's Husk (10 Points)Adept Hunter of Underfoot (50 Points)Veteran Hunter of Underfoot (50 Points)Novice Hunter of Underfoot (50 Points)Firstslayer (60 Points)

Updated Quests: Saucy Salted Seadragon SteakNovice Hunter of the Void (50 Points)Adept Hunter of the Void (50 Points)Expert Hunter of the Void (50 Points)Veteran Hunter of the Void (50 Points)Voidslayer (60 Points)Hunter of Riwwi, Coliseum of Games (10 Points)Hunter of Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds (10 Points)Hunter of Nobles' Causeway (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: Pixxt Hihkxa deranged madmanPixxt KihkxEnslaved Vrex ZealotStone ThrowerBrognotWarlock TherigalEnvoy GortaSteamshearEnvoy FrindarFoul Deeping OozeGraiBrax NaeGnawing GooAnarchist Agitator ClatktuDonan TwestHunter NargikGyi the LifterEldaa KemphGlindah RockchipEnvoy ThermaConical TerrorRock Crunch GooZombie DeathmakerAcidic GooTattersShrieking DeathZendrilla the DreadAngram ColdheartEdward ColdbiterEphraim DeeprocksBonechipsRampaging GhoulRagsXorus the FacetedIgeraun the UnstableHergnan the MalefactorKer-Klik-KlikAtopalitGluttonous SessiloidScourLaval GuardianMithril GuardianRock GuardianTratcita the PunisherHarbinger Of The Undying Onea great brass golemRagbeard the MoroseCreeping MoldAgriculturist SpongFetid Boring BeetleTilda GrintwisdomReborn Fetid Boring BeetleTragMerlArabellaXaxTani The Fire Alchemista flint genatiReglaGomphusAnoh Chexa necrophatic oozea larval swarmerTracker Eigorn SkullsmasherCenobite DenuarThornscrapeVrolg the Chargera red gold golemGigyn BruteEmpowered ReflectionSol NoxSluridTracker Rocklin HammertakerCephuloid TatraatixThe Hive NurseGnomish RockomancerAnvil GolemSessiloid CalcifierNeppigrim RaztupitHarvester CollyxPristine CreationDefender Choxara frenzied tenderCragmaCinderwebJalymandixForeman Growla brass golemMistress LisjaniThe GroundskeeperNaglebrakRockslideMisshapen FormationMature GrekenBlightcapa master soldierBermax FlamepawGuardian RomixDargak the WarderCreeping DeathsporeEnforcer StoutsporeSporeflameFungalshockSolenopsisGaisciochOrangebackSilent DeathCeannaireSteamed MephitGygin EnforcerCliknar HunterMaddened MephitFlame SpiritCliknar RavagerMephit WorkmasterConfused Greken PupFrantic SporaliDwarven Stalwarta sand genatiHungry EarthGoreTracker Klarden ValorstrikerAn Abraded GenariSoothsayer WroulfNamirba AelstromChampion OricxAzurestrikeRingUisceA Cliknar InvaderA GuardA Rogue BuilderAn Energetic GuardianAn Overgrown CrystalkinBekthar, Kobold Mob LeaderGranth, The Mad SizentistA Raging GyginAncill the CollectorAsh GolemDeathsporeScout FlametongueSkin Borer BeetleStoneskull SpiderSlag GolemTaskmaster JialliTrickster FlamescarAn Oversized BurynaiA Resonating CrystalkinAnimated LavaThe CollectorSlaggard the SmelterLeviathanArmethys KeensliceLithographer BakannApexus EnforcerSummoner NetikosTwisted HandmaidenApexus PunisherA Blazing BasiliskBellikos BloodsirenPriestess of the FirstSergeant DeepwaterWarden BindleskinSpitting FirebugThe Scavenger SubjugatorMistress of PainAlysse the LibrarianGressieDeformed Firebuga master scouta master hunterAgent of Change - Howling Stones [Howling Stones Expedition]Agent of Change - Qinimi [Barindu, Ferubi, and Riwwi Expeditions]a rime dervishA Wary Guarda Shop SweeperAgent of Change - Skyfire Mountains [Veeshan's Peak Expedition]Agent of Change - Arcstone, Isle of Spirits [Theater of Blood and Relic Expeditions]Roogy ShellcrackerArlien Browch [Halloween Event]Death's Hand



Updated Items: Othmir Prexus TotemSaltwater SeaweedFish EggsWater Dragon MeatQuoza's AmuletFaded Restless Velium Belt of BrillianceDeft Half-RubySpell: ManastormSpell: ManastormWater Dragon ScalesTorn, Frost-Covered BookRuned Bolster BeltFirstslayer's RucksackFirstslayer's BackpackFirstslayer's Satchel

New Quests: Saucy Salted Waterdragon Steak

Updated Quests: Achievement: The Portals of Shard's Landing

Updated Recipes: Spell: ManastormIron ConduitPurified Grade A Privet ExtractPurified Grade A Privet ExtractFaded Restless Velium ProficiencyIron Conduit (2)Iron Conduit (3)

Bestiary Updates: FaydedarWraith of JaxionLord Koi`DokenKelorek`DarCursed TravelerIllusionist Phili [Enchanter Spells 81+]Roogy Shellcracker



Updated Items: Sweet Green PepperGlowing PorterRepulsive Leather BootsCoarse SilkShelga's Pouch of IngredientsBarbarian BloodForsaken Pariah MaskBalanced Sheer Blade

Bestiary Updates: an Iksar pariahan elder ritualistApothecary ShelgaJinkin [Quests 5-10]Iksar pariah



Updated Items: Fine Steel Great StaffClouded Glass VialMaestro's Symphony Page 24 TopProof of SpeedTorch of RoTorch of MistyTorch of RatheLegends of Norrath: Titanic StompLegends of Norrath: Freeport Captain

Updated Quests: Bard Epic: Singing Short SwordBreakdown in Communication #0: Pre-Flag

Bestiary Updates: Phin Esrinap [Monk Guildmaster]Seta Bakindo [Monk Guildmaster]Togahn Sorast [Monk Guildmaster]LuSun [Monk Guildmaster]Andad FillaCazelFajio KnejoKonia SwiftfootMisty TekcihtaBratoq JiplupAgent of Change - Skyfire Mountains [Veeshan's Peak Expedition]Agent of Change - Temple of Cazic-Thule [Accursed Temple of Cazic Thule Expedition]



Updated Items: Marquise Cut Ruby OrnamentMaster SketchSpice

Updated Recipes: Druzzil's Steel Bowstring

Bestiary Updates: Aqualunga weather-beaten chestAgent of Change - Arcstone, Isle of Spirits [Theater of Blood and Relic Expeditions]



Updated Items: Spell: Spirit of ScaleJacinthPlain Potion VialTrueborn Elite Ring

Updated Quests: Shaman Epic: Spear of FateStorm of Sorts

Updated Recipes: Spell: Spirit of ScaleVelium Jacinth Wedding Ring

Bestiary Updates: a gyrating gooa kirin studentan ascent conjurerWounded ClawTemple Foreman KorsavVenoma kirin masterGuard Musashipuma matrona granite sorcerera Snowfoot preservera Snowfoot mystican ascent storm wingDishonored Trueborn SpiritAgent of Change - Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands [Plane of Earth B Expedition]a weather-beaten chest



Updated Items: Velium Threaded IntensitySecret Dawn Gem of SecuritySpiceBloodeagle FeatherTaelosian Geomancy Stone JelkiEarring of Destructive EssenceShredded Map PieceShield of the WayCraita's DressRune Binding StainEtching ToolsSavvy Rune TracingImpetus Rune TracingFortitude Rune TracingFinesse Rune TracingAllure Rune TracingAcumen Rune TracingAdroitness Rune TracingSmolder

Updated Quests: Norrath's Keepers Tier 2a: Recover the Lost MapIkkinz Raid #4: Chambers of DestructionSmall Feuds (Gnome Memorial Mountain) (10 Points)

Updated Recipes: Spool of Energized Brownie Hair Thread

Bestiary Updates: Sugita the VicariousFersamaYoshiagaHidekazuShadedShardAlchemist BauerYoshihiroFumi the VigilantPixtt Airstranglera bodyguarda domicile defendera foyer guardianSusarrak the CrusaderJortreva the Crusader petCharayan the CrusaderJortreva the Crusadera cold cleaning cubeGrendish the CrusaderRinako the Stalwart



Updated Items: Spell: Inferno of Al`KaborIntricate Consigned Leather BracerIntricate Consigned Leather WristguardEletyl's CharmStarseed Bow

Updated Quests: Achievement: Ascending the Roost

Updated Recipes: Velium Endowed Arcane Staff

Bestiary Updates: a gyrating gooStonemawMagmaSmolderMoltenStoneclusterBoilingwindShadedsharda crumbling chest - The GolemRysok the Vilea violent harpy



Updated Items: Prize: Frightstone Axe OrnamentTaelosian Geomancy Stone YiktuBasilisk SalivaBow of the Nest GuardianWhispering AmiceOrnate Blue Diamond TotemRummager's BaubleOrnate Defiant Plate VambracesMaul of the StonegazerIcesplinter MaceScimitar of Dancing ShadowsShield of Shadowed Spirit

Updated Quests: Emyria #3: Repairing the Spiritlight Earring

Bestiary Updates: a savage mutantGrimy Tureptaa domesticated basiliskHatchery Guard PipGuardian NameynStonemawMagmaSmolderMoltenStoneclusterRysok the VileFerydaBoilingwindAinslinLavawalkerProtector Kanadin



Updated Items: Tobrin's Mystical EyepatchBlack Ceremonial CoffinBalanced Axe ComponentsFine Axe ComponentsCrafted Axe ComponentsThreadbare Weighted TabardDeprecated Fellowship Campfire MaterialsJagged Stone FlailSmooth Ore DaggerIron RationLeather Handled Mandible BladeConcentrated Grade B Nigriventer VenomHearty Goblin BloodBlizzard Refined VeliumEmerald RingNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 115

Bestiary Updates: a gyrating goodelete medelete medelete medelete mea greater war boned skeletonConjurer Mrialdelete meCrispen Koloffdelete medelete medelete medelete medelete mea Bloodmoon nighthowler watcherSummon Resupply Agent [Veteran AA Ability]delete medelete me

Zone Updates: Doesn't Exist



Updated Items: Dry OleanderFulginate OrePearl Necklace

Bestiary Updates: Wraith of Jaxiona savage mutantAgent of Change - Chardok [The Halls of Betrayal Expedition]



Updated Items: Spell: Splurt

Updated Quests: Enchanter Spells (Good Version)

Bestiary Updates: young goblin wizardyoung goblin shamancinder goblin wizardflame goblinflame goblin shamanflame goblin wizardblazing elementalinferno goblin shamangoblin merchantCWG Model CACWG Model CBCWG Model CCgnomish conjurergnomish minerSolusek priestCWG Model MCgnomish curatorMarfen BinkdirpleCWG Model XACWG Model XBfire goblin bartenderSolusek goblin kingKindlelava elementalGabbie Mardoddleinferno goblin torturercinder goblin shamangoblin high shamanflame goblin foremanLord GimbloxWraith of Jaxioninferno goblin captainA parylyx limb binderFeir`Dal Salvager [Common]



Updated Items: Tainted Planar EssenceTaelosian Morphemic StaffPotion of Vampiric SpiritRationalist's SigilCloth ChokerShade Silk ThreadShadeling SilkTuuak's Fishing PoleFire Opal

Updated Quests: Silk Collection

Updated Recipes: Potion of Vampiric Spirit

Bestiary Updates: a gyrating gooJhimis Khadwi [Jewelcrafting Supplies]Brokh [Baking Supplies]Salla [Brewing Supplies]Jala [Tailoring Supplies]Uhlma Mareesh [Jewelcrafting Supplies]Merchant Gamouz [Baking Supplies]Kery MiannSele [Tailoring Supplies]Tajie Karaf



Updated Items: Salted FishOwlbear Marrow MeatcakesNepeta Oil ExtractNepeta Cataria MintDried Payala ChipsAlmondsShawerma SandwichTiny DaggerStamped Certificate of TaxabilityCertificate of TaxabilityShiny Brass IdolProtection of the DainPotion of DivinityEarring of the Frozen SkullTotem of the WurinesCursed Rage ChannelerFeral Guardian ChannelerSpell: Talisman of Jasinth

Updated Quests: Achievement: Hunter of The Feerrott

Updated Recipes: Spell: Talisman of Jasinth

Bestiary Updates: CWG Model CBCWG Model CCCWG Model MBCWG Model MCCWG Model XBCWG Model XCa gyrating gooHarbin GernawlAhahd Tolm [General Supplies]Kojik [General Supplies]Chialle [General Supplies]Erat Almar [General Supplies]Jihli Mahej [General Supplies]Registrar Bindaraha Tae Ew SpiritualistTax Collector KhugraTaruun Galorg [Task Master]Taruun JaurSergeant AbaarTaruun Murod KarafAdvisor VaxaHead Scientist FizzilSummon Resupply Agent [Veteran AA Ability]



Updated Items: Owlbear MeatGrade B Taipan VenomComplex Embossed RuneEtched Acrylia Rune - LomnRune Smudged Stone Spear

Updated Quests: Robe of the Elements

Bestiary Updates: an owlbear fleshrenderGleeknot GnitratPrince GarzemortZlandicar



Updated Items: Earring of Destructive EssenceMuramite Gemstone of FortitudeRuined Scaled Skirt

Updated Quests: ToV Rank II Level 111 Spells: Minor Engraved Velium RuneToV Rank II Level 114 Spells: Greater Engraved Velium RuneToV Rank II Level 115 Spells: Glowing Engraved Velium RuneToV Rank II Level 112 Spells: Lesser Engraved Velium RuneToV Rank II Level 113 Spells: Median Engraved Velium Rune

Bestiary Updates: a mist golemCook Mylis [Baking Supplies]Kuren K`sayenHexxt DeathaimCragbeast RagerHexxt MarkmakerSubservient PunisherPixtt TyrannistShroyerUlyist Son of NightThe Keeper of BloodMidwife M`seriHhovrisHuketsa the AgelessTrueborn Soul RenderScion AssassinScion RepressorOven #1 - Shar VahlSepren the Lost



Updated Items: Wisp of Potamide HairChamberlain's Ring GearSmall Bottle of Soy SauceGreat StaffJagged Ice KeyEarring of Destructive Essence

Updated Quests: Supply Run

Updated Recipes: Sherry

Bestiary Updates: a treantKrag the IcelordFallowIcefloeChamberlain XIPrince JerranadKuren K`sayenPixtt VenombladeUlyist Son of NightThe Keeper of BloodHuketsa the AgelessTrueborn Soul Render


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