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Kicking the crap outta shadows since 2008 with the power of DON~! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_GLgBqimvo Lucinus Wrote: I come onto ZAM to check the update list Look at the table, and I think I'm pissed Squinting really hard just to try and read I think I've just seen something I don't need I look again, I see Conserve TP I look across the table and I see it's for me And I jizz--! in! my pants! Think of all the Drakesbanes this'll affect I'll maybe get a 5-hit if it has an effect I get on the floor and I do a little dance And I jizz--! in! my pants! Those Greater Colibris gonna die so fast Contemp'ry meripo is a thing of the past Those bandwagon SAMs are all eatin' our dust Now excuse me while I go and change