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First mmo was FFXI. Never got to end-game content, but it was still my favorite experience in my MMO career. After that I moved onto WoW and played it off and on from BC to CATA and had 4 max level characters raid/pvp geared. Played Tera and got my archer to max level, decently geared and played for a few months but dropped it. FFXIV 1.0 was a serious addiction, and I enjoyed it regardless of its broken state. That is about it for my Continuously played MMOs, I have played several others for less than 6months including anarchy online, warhammer online, EVE online, Skyff, rift, runescape, and Neverwinter. Excited doesn't begin to cover how I feel about XIV 2.0 releasing!!! I consider myself an MMO gamer, other genres just don't seem to cut it... I think I have a problem o.O