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Aion Mob Original
XP Valueunknown
AggroSocial, Non-aggressive
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{{Aion Mob

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This is simply the text under his name and is not linked to anything.
Can be any of the values seen in Category:Mob Types. Default is Category:Monster.
tier and partysize
There are 3 possible values for partysize: Solo (or blank), Group, and Raid, indicating the size of the party that is required to handle this mob. Within each of these, the mob can have 1 to 6 lights on his toughness indicator. This is the tier.
Some monsters will be of a specific class. This means that they will have some or all of the abilities that a player of that class would have.
minlevel, maxlevel
Kind of self-explanatory. NPCs and Named mobs will use only minlevel.
How much experience is awarded when this mob is killed. This MAY vary according to your level relative to the mob's level.
Links to a subcategory of Category:Races and, along with gender, controls the default image displayed if no specific image is attached to the mob page.
Links to a subcategory of Category:Factions
(switch) Any value in this field will mark this mob as aggressive to all (unless they are the same faction as he is).
(switch) All mobs are assumed to be Social (meaning they will aggro if you anger a mob that is near them). This is sometimes restricted by faction, and sometimes a Boss will not come to the aid of an underling, but the underling will come to the aid of the Boss. Be careful, it's a jungle out there.
(switch) Many of the mobs in this game have these words in the mouseover examine window. We really have yet to see what it really means.
If no specific image is attached to the mob page, and if the Race page (under Category:Races) has 2 or more images, this controls which one is displayed.


tier= is the number of lighted dots in the icon to the left of the mob name when you target it. The Mob Toughness, or tier, icons are at:

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