This template creates a horizontal Bar Graph, designed for displaying Quest Series by Level Range. The bar will display min-max as a label on the bar.

Usage: {{BarGraph|gameid|type|series/label|start|end|min|max|list=|caption=|alt=|comment=|col1width=}}


One of Head, Line, Bar or Foot. Line is the default.
IF gameid is GW2, series/label should be the GuildHead zone id number and alt= should be the name to display. If series/label is blank the name in alt= is displayed with no linking.
If type is Head, this is the label displayed above the first column. If blank, default is Quest Series.
If type is Line (or blank), this is the name of the Quest Series (with suffix, unlinked). For example, if series is Angmar (LotRO Quest Series) this would display as Angmar.
If type is Divider, this is the label displayed on a table-wide TH cell
The start value of the bar. If type is Head this is ignored and 1 is used.
The end value of the bar.
Normally 1, this the start level column for the teble. Later this will be used to enable BarGraph tables to be broken into ranges but at this moment it is not actually used. Consider it reserved for future use.
The max level for this game. Used to define the Header labels (1 to max) and to calculate the # of blank columns that need to follow the bar (if any).
(commalist, Head only) When type is Head this is a commalist of the column headers for the level range. for example, ".,.,.,.,+,.,.,.,.,10,.,.,.,.,+,.,.,.,.,20"
(optional) If defined this will appear above the table.
(optional) If defined this will be the displayed text in the link. Default is series/label with the suffix stripped.
(optional) If defined this will appear to the right of series/label, outside the link.
(optional) If defined this will override the width of the Quest Series column. Default is 20%


{{BarGraph|LotRO|Head||||1|65|caption=Quest Series by Quest Level Range
{{BarGraph|LotRO|Line|Ered Luin Introduction (LotRO Quest Series)|1|5|1|65|alt=Dwarf & Elf Intro}}
{{BarGraph|LotRO|Line|Trollshaws (LotRO Quest Series)|33|45|1|65|comment=(includes Rivendell)}}

Quest Series by Quest Level Range
Quest Series ....+....10....+....20....+....30....+....40....+....50....+....60....65
Dwarf & Elf Intro 1-5
Trollshaws (includes Rivendell) 33-45

A full example of this Template in use can be seen on Category:Quest Series

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