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Usage: {{CoS|options|option2|option3|cat=|catdesc=|nolink=|nowiki=|nobanner=|thumbs=|checks=}}

NOTE: This template should appear somewhere on EVERY Wikibase page that falls within the City of Steam game wiki and does not contain some other template that already places it in Category:City of Steam.

if options is:

option2 and option3 are not used by all GameTags. See the specific docs, below, for information.

if nolink= is not blank, display the tag but add no category links.

if nowiki= is not blank, this game does not support the wiki but we do have a game site for it (Lineage II is a good example). In this case we still want a game tag to flag articles in the ZAM wiki that refer to the game, but it cannot link to a Wiki Main Page for the game, since there isn't one.

On games that use the www.zam.com skin (Runes of Magic, Vanguard, The Agency, DC Universe Online, etc.), nobanner= will suppress the game banner on the Page Title line.

thumbs= and checks= are NEW options that must be specifically enabled for the games where they will be used. They enable a link under the gametag to show the category page as thumbnails or as a checklist and should be used ONLY on category pages! Talk to Bludwyng if this confuses you. :)

The graphic displayed in the tag should be located at City of Steam (Game Icon), a page that should have the image uploaded to it, and contain the following code:


NOTE: This template calls GameTag to perform the actual display. The documentation you are viewing now can be viewed/edited at GameTag Docs.

other options

  • Faction
  • Zone
  • Class
  • Collection (optional 2nd field is name of the meta-collection this collection belongs to)
  • MC=Meta-Collection
  • Icons
  • Quests (placeholder)
  • Mobs (placeholder)
  • Race (if second field is used it is the parent race this race is a part of, such as Skeleton is also Undead)
  • MZ Mobs by Zone
  • QZ Quests by Zone
  • ZZ Zones by Zone
  • IC Item Categories (This is the Category tab name they appear under when filtering your Backpack)
  • IT-Item Types
  • QT Quest Types
  • ZT Zone Types
  • IS Itemset (If Armor, the second field should be the Type (Leather, Meshed, etc.)(If this set belongs to another set and it is NOT armor, put that name in field 2 as well). If noset=y, do not display an itemset table.
  • IST Item Subtypes. The 2nd parameter MUST be the Item Type it is a Subtype of!
  • Company see Category:Companies
  • Server see Category:Servers

Need help understanding Bludwyng's documentation style? See Bludwyng's Guide to Using Templates!

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