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Quick Facts

{{DN Place


The ID number for the map, as used on DNArmory


One of Channel, Town, Field, Hub, Dungeon, Nest or Place. Default is Place (unknown type). Channel displays the Town icon as they are really just sub-channels of all Towns.

field=, hub=

Really only used for type=Dungeon or Nest. This is the Hub the Dungeon belongs to, and the field that Hub is reached from. Displayed in the Quick Facts box in the form used in-game, field-name (dungeon-name) -> stage-name.

towns=, fields=, hubs=, dungeons=

(commalist) Names of the places connected to this place. For dungeons= ONLY, use unknown as a placeholder in the comalist so that we see how many dungeons there are and the fact that we do not know all the names. This links to unknown.

bosses=, abyssbosses=, craftingdrops=

(commalist) List of bosses, and list of crafting materials dropped by the bosses, here.


(commalist) List of Elite monsters. Some will be encountered on Normal, with more as difficulty increases.

minlevel=, maxlevel=

Only really used for Dungeons, this is for holding the absolute minimum you can enter the dungeon, and the maximum level that the highest stage in the dungeon can be run at.


Maximum number of times you can resurrect within this place.

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