template:EQ2 Blue Effects  

This template is a sub-template of EQ2 Blue and performs the actual display of the effect descriptions. EQ2 Blue ProcHead is called to display the first 2 lines.

Usage: {{EQ2 Blue Effects|effect_name|value1|value2|value3|value4}}

All 4 values are optional and context-aware

The following effects are defined by this template:

  • Anterograde Amnesia - no values required
  • Befuddle - value1=amount of threat decrease (Default:800)
  • Counterattack - value1=amount of piercing damage (Default:614)
  • Deadly Skorpikis Poison - no values required
  • Runic Recovery I through VIII - no values required
  • Sorcerous Alacrity I through VIII - no values required

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