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{{Rift Mob Search|target|alternate_text|extendtotitle=|zone=}}

  • target can be the exact name (pointless but true) or a part of the name. The Search list will display all mobs that contain the target (or all mobs with the target title).
  • alternate_text can be used if what you want displayed is not exactly what the search term needs to be.
  • extendtotitle=
If not blank, the target is an NPC title.
Restrict the search to mobs found only in this zone.

This template is for linking to a list of a group of mobs that share part of their name, useful when referring to a number of mobs, any of which have the needed update. Can also be used, with extendtotitle=, to make a list of all NPCs with a specific title, such as all "PvP Goods" merchants


The quest, Trained to Obey, tells you to kill Snapmouth basilisks. There are 2 different mobs that update this.

  • Wiki: Kill 10 {{Rift Mob Search|Snapmouth}} basilisks
  • Displays: Kill 10 Snapmouth basilisks

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