This template makes it possible for us to link items NOW without worrying whether we might get a db one day and have to edit them all manually. Later, when we have a namespace, one edit, here, will fix all of them!

Usage: {{TERAItem|ItemName|alternateName|quantity|quality|type=}}

For Items with a type, such as Orb: Buy, the itemname should NOT include the type. The template will add it.

If you use alternateName it will be displayed exactly as entered regardless of the type.


TERAItem makes use of 1 of 4 css classes to color the bluelink to match the item quality: tera-q0, tera-q1, tera-q2, or tera-q3. tera-q1 is underlined, since the color is the same as the default text color.

If quality is not specified, tera-q1 is used.

type= is the same as prefix= on the TERA Item template. The type will be displayed before the name but is not part of the actual link.

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