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Famitsu (10/6) - Some Q's Some A'sFollow

#1 Oct 07 2009 at 6:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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A new Famitsu came out with a nice spread on Final Fantasy XIV. While working on it, Square Enix posted all the new info on their official FFXIV site. Check it out for new information on some classes and monsters as well as a look into the life of a crafter in Eorzea. What I'm going to do now, is pick out information from some of the Q&A sessions sprinkled throughout the article, which didn't make the cut.

Check out the article here.
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Just as the description of Lancer implies, the reach and attack range for a character will change depending on the weapon they use. Polearms will allow players to attack from "out range," which most likely refers to a distance just outside melee range. Lancers will also have access to throwing Javelins.


The developers state that they are considering characters being able to wield two weapons at once

Although I'm guessing they would probably both have to be from the same class of weapon. So, two daggers/kunai/swords etc.

Each class will be given more variety by virtue of what throwing weapons they have available to them, one example being the claim that Archers have skill at "rock throwing."

Reading this here and on the main site brought fond memories of FFT.

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Kirbster wrote:
Although I'm guessing they would probably both have to be from the same class of weapon. So, two daggers/kunai/swords etc.

Why do you say that? It didn't really work in FFXI for a lot of jobs because you're so locked in by skill levels (like a NIN with katanas) but it was still possible.
I think wielding two different weapons is interesting and adds variety, especially in a game like FFXIV where it looks like it's going to give players a lot more freedom with how they choose to develop their skills, kind of like Mabinogi (and other earlier games with this system)

I know that in Aion you can wield a dagger/sword combo and in a few other games as well you can mix it up.

One of the coolest examples of dual wield I've ever seen in an MMO was Phantasy Star Universe where you could use a dagger or sword in one hand and a gun in the other.

(These are obviously completely skills but I think it might be a cool idea to allow that kind of variety.)

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Because then dual-wielding would be extremely overpowered from the get-go compared to single-handed weapons if you could learn skills at twice the speed, or so I would think. Maybe if the offhand weapon skilled up at 25% speed or something, or just not skill-up at all, as suggested below.

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What would happen if I hired two private investigators to follow each other?
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It might be like a sub job thing, where the main hand lvls but the offhand does not
#6 Oct 07 2009 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
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If the main hand skill set gained at 75% speed and offhand at 25-50% speed I could see this as plauseable, the same limitations should apply to the strength of your attacks and abilities if they are going to try to keep some sembalence of balance.

Edit: Forgot the double same weapon, skill should remain the sa,e just sacrifice defence for attack.

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First thing I noticed upon opening the link.... The Miqo'te(forces self to not type Mithra) is wearing an Eye-patch! =o
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Dual Wield may be something we have to unlock throw heavy use of a certain weapon. You might be able to then choose between shields and more defensive abilities or using 2 weapons and going the offensive route.
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They added new Screenshots too.
I like the one with the full face of the hum....err...Hyur?
If that's what the actual in-game character detail is going to look like, I might this.
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I want Monkey Grip.

Dual-wielding lances!
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Well that's it. I'm going to be chef main. :P Human Chef it will be.
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We've got some full page scans up for anyone who may be interested:
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