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I had a question relating to the difference between Physical Level and Class level. From what I heard the physical level is what gives you extra stats and effectively makes you stronger, and class level gives you higher abilities in the class and so on.

However I question what this means in regards to leveling up several classes. If I level say an Archer along with my physical level from the start and get my physical and archer level high, then switch to Lancer it would give me a big difference. Would I end up fighting advanced monsters as per my physical level or low level monsters as per the new lancer level?

I guess in broader terms, how is the interplay between class level and physical level handled in regards to multiple classes?
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The class level works in a way similarly to the skill in FFXI, like in there you can be a level 75 with less say Warrior and able to wield a sword, but if you skill isn't high enough you will lack the accuracy and attack to use the weapon.

In phase 3, as a physical level 12, gladiator level 1, I couldn't kill dodos which I was comfortably handling with my 9 level marauder.

I hope my explanation is clear enough.



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There seems to be a bit of a "level synch" effect whereby although you can fight slightly stronger stuff it isn't a huge difference ... It is also hard to tell if any increased ability to fight mobs is because you have more abilities rather than stats... for example while there is definately a boost from higher stats.. having things like stoneskin at level 1 are more likely to make the difference imo.

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So you still need to go back and tackle lower level monsters than you could previously handle if your new class level isn't up to snuff with your physical then, right?

So it sounds like if you want to see end game content sooner than later, focusing on one class is best (well, two once exp loss starts) but if you want to try out different classes, you won't loose out on playing experience because of a too high physical level, I was hoping it would be something like this.
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Since your HP doesn't stay the same the only thing really allowing you to fight stronger things is how many abilities you have, which is limited by your AP which is lowered when you switch to a lower rank class. So you aren't really too tough at rank 1 when you switch back from a rank 15 or whatever, you're still a rank 1 and it feels like it.
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