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UI Enhancements for 1.21a and beyondFollow

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I really want to be able to visually know when I can use counter-related actions (phalanx, haymaker, etc.). I would like them to light up to make it easier to see!
Sorry for how long it has taken this to be implemented, but we’re glad to say that this will appear in patch 1.21a!

Not much for us in 1.XX land, but it's still a good improvement IMO. The 2.0 stuff looks great though!
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Since I'm on an airship to 2.xx land, I'll add the details for that. Smiley: lol

When I’m engaged in battle in a party, it is difficult to distinguish who is doing what.
In version 2.0, it will be possible to display in the party member list the actions and casting timers being used. We will also make it possible to display the casting timers for targeted opponents, so that battles will be much more exciting.
I’d like to be able to assign buttons to target NPCs on screen when combined with other buttons on the direction pad
The UI for controller-users will look completely different than that of a keyboard/mouse-user in version 2.0. The game pad UI will involve multiple sets of buttons (arranged like direction pads placed side-by-side) which should make maneuvering with the game pad easier. Of course many players are familiar with the current controls, so we plan on including this as well.

I would like to see all three action bars displayed at the same time
Vastly different from the current specs, players will be able to select how many rows of the action bar are displayed.
I would like there to be able to drag and drop things like items and macros onto the action bar
Players will be able to drag and drop items, macros, emotes and target settings!
Please display which player a monster is targeting next to the monster’s HP
As seen in the 2.0 UI screenshot, players being targeted by a monster will have their party slot number displayed next to the monster’s name
Please add job and class to the name, HP and MP column in the party member list
We plan on displaying a class icon in the party member list by default.

To add to the 2.0 UI screenshot, the released screenshot is of a level 50 player in a full party. The T (Tank)/H (Healer)/A (Attacker)/B (Buffer) terminology may be unfamiliar for new players, but every player will be able to customize their UI to best fit their needs.
Next to the party’s HP and MP bars, display the monsters that are being targeted by the party, and allow us to target them by clicking them
Monsters that are engaged in battle with a party are each assigned a letter based on the order that they were engaged in battle, and the letters will be displayed there. We're still discussing how we would like to implement this.
I’d like there to be a graphed hate meter for the targeted monster
The bars next to the party member list in the 2.0 image are what you were requesting. However, we are currently planning to use a combination of numbers and colors to represent the different hate levels. For example, 1 or A (aggro) representing red, 2 representing yellow, and 3 and on representing green.
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Or, in other words, "shut up and wait until 2.0... that's when everything will be better."
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The adjustment in 1.21a is something I had been hoping to see for a long time. My main being WAR it would be sick for a visual cue for a parry.

CynicalKitty wrote:
Or, in other words, "shut up and wait until 2.0... that's when everything will be better."

Pretty much.

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